Before buying a preowned Flat Six Porsche 911

When talking about Over Revs in the world of Porsche, many potential owners get in position to make a run for the hills as soon as this subject is brought up. Of course the thought of total engine failure is a scary prospect, but we are here to today to tell you the truth of this topic, and dispel some of the myths associated to it. 

Going through each Flat Six powered model of Porsche, each has a different Rev limit when accelerating through the vehicles forward gears. This safety net makes sure that no matter how hard you accelerate, you do not Over Rev or blow up the engine. Now, when you hear the term Over Rev thrown around when buying your new Porsche, it is not referring to acceleration, but has to do with deceleration. When travelling in the upper threshold of your cars top speed, or driving spiritedly, sometimes mistakes are made. Most of the time this is going from 5th or 6th gear straight into 3rd or 2nd accidently. This can cause the engine to turn at a higher rate of speed that it was designed for, potentially adding wear or destroying internal components of the engine. 

That is where the Porsche specified Rev Ranges of 1-6 come into play. These codes are scanned with a diagnostic computer able to read in depth parameters of the engine. These Rev Ranges of course have different degrees of severity. 1 being the least damaging to 6 being the most damaging. Shifting from 6th gear to 1st gear while going 160 KPH will most likely give you a 6 level on this spectrum and have a much different effect on the engine than shifting from 6th straight into 3rd gear, which may leave the car with a 1 or 2 on this spectrum. Following me? Good. 


Range 1

">Range 2

Range 3

Range 4

Range 5

Range 6 

987 Boxster

> 7200 and < 7500

> 7500 and < 7700 

> 7700 and < 7900 

> 7900 and < 8400 

> 9400 and < 9500 

> 9500 

997 Carrera

> 7300 and < 7500

">> 7500 and < 7700 

> 7700 and < 7900 

> 7900 and < 8400 

> 8400 and < 9500 

> 9500 

997 GT3

> 9000 and < 9200

> 9200 and < 9400 

> 9400 and < 9600 

 > 9600 and < 10000

 > 10000 and < 11000

> 11000 

997 Turbo

> 6800 and < 7000

> 7000 and < 7200 

> 7200 and < 7400 

> 7400 and < 7900 

> 7900 and < 9000 

> 9000 

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When looking at most Porsches, current Warranty protocol dictates that a 5-6 Range will not be covered when engine is being examined for internal damage, and 3-4 Range could be potentially problematic with compression tests and excessive oil consumption when checking the engine for internal damage or any problems related to the engine. This means that so long as the Over Rev that is reported falls under the 1-2 Range, Porsches own Extended Warranty will keep you covered if any issues arise with your chosen Flat Six powerplant. The truth is, if you are looking at a Performance orientated Porsche with a Flat Six, it most likely will have a 1-2 range Over-Rev, and with Porsche themselves saying that it is okay, there’s really nothing more to worry about. 


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