We’ve told you all about leasing, but you’re still not convinced it’s the right option for you. Fair enough.

We also offer financing programs so you can take advantage of the best rate available on your new car through one of Canada’s major banks or Credit Unions right from the comfort of our dealership.

No having to call your bank, set up an appointment, navigate a cumbersome online process or any other hassles usually associated with securing a car loan - we do all the leg work for you, and process the bank’s paperwork right here at autoform. 

Because we are a preferred partner with TD Bank, Scotiabank, and National Bank, to name a few, we are able to negotiate best rates on your behalf - think of us as a mortgage broker for car loans. Similar premise. As the well known advertisement out there says “when banks compete, you win.”

With rates as low as prime, fixed or variable options, and terms from 12-96 months, we can arrange financing on almost every vehicle we have in stock, regardless of whether you want to lease or finance, at terms that are as comfortable as our dealership.