Gregory Neilson

Sales Manager

Autoform’s sales manager, Greg Neilson has held a keen interest in cars and the car business since before he could drive. Growing up, he would tinker on his various project cars after school and learned to drive a stick shift long before he had a license. Eventually, he pursued his passion by earning a Business Administration - Automotive Marketing diploma at the Automotive Business School of Canada in Barrie, Ontario. Later on he moved to the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia to complete his business degree at Griffith University.

Throughout his school years, Greg worked part-time in the car business and eventually moved up to the position of sales manager shortly after graduating. He has always had a soft spot for Volvos and has owned several of the fine Swedish cars over his years in the business, including his favourite, the Volvo S60R.

15 years after starting his career in the car business, Greg came to Autoform to be a part of a team of industry leaders who know great cars and understand the demands and expectations that come with the high-end, luxury and exotic car market. In his position, Greg encourages creativity and collaboration amongst the team, with a special emphasis on drawing from the pool of strength and experience of all the staff at Autoform.