Mike Wood

VP + Co-Founder

Mike has spent his whole career in the automotive world, starting by getting his hands dirty as a lot kid in a Volkswagen dealership in Vancouver in 1989. He moved up through the ranks and sold his first car, a Hyundai Accent (with a manual choke!) on a bet from a salesman. After that he was hooked. He learned a lot at that dealership, and then went to work for an independent leasing company where he learned all the nuances of financing and leasing. A few years later, he started his first independent luxury dealership which provided the form work for Autoform about a decade later.

Mike's attention to detail edges on the absurd. Making sure that each car on our showroom is as good as it can be and admonishing the marketing department for selecting a shade of orange 1% too dark on our website is commonplace.

Part stylist and design-nazi, Mike is probably one of the best dressed men in Vancouver; we're pretty sure he doesn't leave the house without spending at least an hour choosing his attire to match whatever car he believes to be taking on a test drive that day.

His favourite car? Any 1950’s Aston Martin will fit the bill.