There was a time, moons ago, when a truck - was a truck. It carried you and the life that was lived. Your truck made your pay cheque, took your wife on your first date, and got the supplies needed to make the place you called home. The men were men and the women were glad for it. No heated seats, backup cameras, or other fancy gimmicks. Oh times have changed. For some, the better, but for you, well here you are ogling this pale faced beauty from decades ago. Hop on in, this Fully restored 1955 Chevrolet 3100 is ready to take you on a backroad trip down memory lane.

Starting with a powerplant to let you cruise with ease, a 360 Cubic inch AMC 5.0 V8 has been fitted that produces 150 Horsepower and 230 Ft lbs of torque. This engine is also equip with electronic ignition, air conditioning, power steering, and power brakes. This is mated to a rugged 3 speed automatic. So, it has the engine to get you over the hill, but what about when the road ends, and the going gets scraggly? For that, a four-wheel drive system from a later model Jeep has been grafted onto the existing frame, with locking hubs and Michelin LTX tries to get you through the sticky stuff. We know that you most likely won't be using this truck for tasks like that, but just like a watch that can dive to 10,000 feet underwater, knowing it can do such a feat leaves a feeling of prestige when behind the wheel.

Hop up into the interior, and the throwback continues. Slide onto the freshly upholstered Brown leather bench seat and look up to see the headliner has also had the same treatment. Look through the thin, chrome detailed steering wheel and you will find the most delicate looking Art Deco gauges all telling of the machine that surrounds you. Turn your head to back down that long Willow covered gravel driveway and admire the fresh carpentry that the bed has been treated too. Once on the road, either open the vent windows to enjoy some of natures A/C or turn on the actual Air Conditioning for when the weather is more humid Mississippi than Vancouver. You will notice that the radio choice has been left to you, and options range from a period correct factory unit, to an OEM looking modern unit with Bluetooth streaming capability.

So here you are, questioning if this is the truck that you once let go. The one that could have been. At one time, they were everywhere, a true blue collar workhorse. Time moves on, and of course things that weren't cool then come back around. The memories of what could have been, or once were, all come back. With one turn, the cold metal key is warmed by the hand of a forgotten generation. We think that this is the one, and the time, is now. Take this old girl for a ride, and maybe you will think so too. It's not too late for an old love to find a new spark.

Sea mint green on Brown leather interior. 85 Miles since full restoration. 360 Cubic Inch V8 connected to a 3 Speed automatic.

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85 KM

Body Color:

Sea Mist Green





1955 Chevrolet 3100
1955 Chevrolet 3100

Engine Size:

304 V8


3 Speed Automatic

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Body Style:

Pickup Truck



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