The 1930s. A time of opulence and excess. Where the only status symbol you could really show off was the car you drove. Sure you could wear jewelry or a nicely tailored suit, but back then, nothing was quite like showing up to a night club or restaurant in a big Duesenberg or Packard. But for some, the American Iron of the time wasn't quite to their taste. Those that wanted an understated piece of luxury motoring could go for a Rolls Royce, but for those that wanted to go fast, in silence, the last word was the Bentley 8 Liter. A vehicle capable of 100 mph, at a time when most cars could barely do 50 mph. Fast forward to now and the 2006 Bentley Continental GT W12 is here to show you that the days of yesterday, aren't too far off.

Starting with a Twin-Turbocharged, Dual overhead cam, W12 engine that produces 520 Hp at 6100 rpm and 479 Ft Lbs of Torque at 1600 rpm. Connected to an 6 Speed Automatic sending power to all four wheels, where ever you go, 0-60 Mph comes up in 4.5 seconds and your top speed is over 198 Mph. Sure, many other cars of today produce numbers similar to this, but where the Bentley differs from the rest of the pack, is the experience at those higher speeds. Just like the original 8 Liter, you can cruise in complete silence at terminal velocity, for what seems like an endless scope of time. Need to stop? For 2006, 16 inch brake rotors with 4 piston calipers are by your side for when that Prius pulls into the left lane as you approach at speed.

So, you're in silence, cruising toward your destination of choice, heated, cooled and massage seat working beneath you to keep your bottom comfortable. As the Napa leather caresses you, it's time to settle in and enjoy the rest of what the Continental has to offer. Connect your phone Infotainment/ Navigation system to make handsfree calls to beautiful women across the country, and then pick them up without your wife knowing the wiser. The automatic dual zone climate control can be set and forgotten about, with air flow controlled by beautifully crafted chrome pull toggles set into the wood and Carbon Fiber dash layout. There's a reason why this Grand Touring car is called the Continental.

Sure you could be wearing a set of Airpods to let those in your vicinity know that you've made it big. But for some, wearing some sound producing white ear plugs while riding the Skytrain just isn't what they pictured during those late nights studying away for their final exam. What may have been envisioned though, is the luxurious coupe before you, from a time long forgotten about. Something so massive yet elegant, that pulling up anywhere came with a sense of occasion. The Continental GT is a car for the past as much as it is for the future. What kind of future is one without a statement? Let a Bentley speak for you.

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75,500 KM

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2006 Bentley Continental GT Coupe
2006 Bentley Continental GT Coupe

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12 Cylinder Engine


6-speed automatic transmission w/manual shift & column-mounted shifter paddles

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