Bank robbery is a lost art in the world of today. No longer do criminals acquire getaway cars, carefully plan their escapes and hire qualified wheelmen. These days, they walk in with a note claiming they have a gun in their paper bag, and then the money is handed over, or they just sit at home, and steal on the internet. Pretty boring stuff if you ask us. What happened to the days of getting 3 Mini Coopers and going to Italy, or a Jason Statham and a Black E38 750i? Gone and forgotten a time it was. But the question is, if you needed a getaway car for a modern-day heist, what would be the last word? We think it's the machine poised before you. This is the 2013 Jaguar XFR-S.
You might take one look at this mundane looking saloon car and think “A grey haired old man probably drives that car in the left lane of the highway at 10 under the speed limit”. Oh, how wrong you would be. With the XFR-S, it's as if you are wearing a fanny pack, but inside, concealed carrying a full-sized Glock 21. Stomp on the accelerator, and you, your henchmen and all of your stolen bearer bonds better hold on. With 550 Horsepower and 501Ft lbs of Torque below your right foot, 0-60mph comes up in 4.2 seconds and the quarter mile goes by in 12.5 seconds at 116 Mph. This is thanks to the lightning fast 8 speed automatic transmission that has a torque converter but shifts seemingly as fast as something with a dual clutch arrangement. Keep your foot planted and this cat will top out at 186 Mph.
So, you've got sheer speed. That's needed. But what is also needed is something that doesn't fall to pieces once you reach a corner. With spring rates 30% stiffer than a stock XFR, a quicker steering rack, adaptive shocks, and stiffer bushings and subframe in the rear end, you can be sure that your precious cargo and you, will be able to corner carve until the flashing lights all but disappear from your rearview mirror. The 8-speed gearbox also will hold the gear for you mid corner, allowing you to transition, without it jumping from gear to gear, so that you stay in the powerband, no matter what. Connect all this to a heated Napa leather steering wheel with shift paddles, and your fingertips will flutter with delight.
The rest of the XF experience goes unchanged in this Ultimate edition of the Ultimate Jaguar XF, with heated and cooled seats, Bluetooth connectivity, Meridian Premium surround sound, Rich Napa leather, power rear sunshade, and a power sunroof to top it all off. Sure, you could go for a more mundane getaway car with more electronic gimmicks, but for the steak and potatoes approach of simply fast, there is no better choice than a fast Jag. Not only that, but in Stratus Grey metallic, we agree, this feline looks as sinister as its hidden performance makes it out to be. All that's left for you is to decide now, is which bank to withdraw from first.

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Cornering brake control

Blind spot monitor

Back-Up Camera

Quad bright exhaust tips

TFT message centre

Rear window pwr sunblind

Power Rear Sunshade

Heated rear window

Streaming Audio

Satellite radio

Navigation System Includes hard-drive based navigation system

Meridian Surround Audio


Side curtain airbags

(3) aux pwr outlets

Speedometer & tachometer

Fin style roof antenna

LED signature lights

Rear-wheel drive




Stock #



31,000 KM



2013 Jaguar XFR-S
2013 Jaguar XFR-S

Engine Size:

5.0 Supercharged V8


8-speed auto transmission

Drive Type:


Body Style:




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