Grace Space and Pace. Sir William Lyons could not have created a better slogan for the magnificence before you today. For those in the early 1960s who wanted the blistering performance of an E-Type, but had more than one passenger to carry, there was only one choice. The Mark 2 Jaguar was a choice for not only those who wanted to travel swiftly in style, but at a time when a Wolseley 6/90 Police Car did 0-60 mph in 17.3 seconds and had a top speed of 96 Mph, a Black 3.8 was the perfect choice for aspiring crims of the era. Not only could you out run the rozzers, but all your loot, or a body, could fit perfectly in the massive trunk. What a time to be baddie.

With a 220 Hp 3.8 Liter straight six sitting in front of you, shift through the Moss 4 Speed manual quickly enough and 0-60 comes up in 8.5 seconds. Keep your foot in it and you will see 125 Mph. All one had to do after an undesirable act was committed was find a motorway, bury the needle, and disappear into the country side. With four-wheel disc brakes, power steering, 185 section tires and rear limited slip differential with a 3.77 final drive ratio, one could be confident that not only high-speed highway runs were available, but tight and technical B road driving could be handled with ease if need arose.

With a fresh coat of Cream paint, and a whole cow peeled to create the luscious Red leather interior, this 3.8 is a bit more friendly and sedate looking to other road users. With a full restoration completed, the steel body shell was stripped with all materiel removed, primer prepped, and then shot with a coat of modern single stage paint. Panel gaps are all perfect, with no waves in the body work or runs in the paint. The factory functioning Blaupunkt radio is fitted, providing the soundtrack you find most appropriate. All instruments, metals and wood were given a makeover, with no flailing dials, pitting, or splinters to be found. This car has extensive records to go with it, from a loving Jaguar enthusiast, totaling binders full of service records, photos of restoration, vehicle appraisal and certificate of authenticity.

Sure, you could go for an E-type, but that really was a car for the men who lacked in the trouser department and needed to show off. For those who meant business, and made their business in crime, there was only one choice. For those who want the ultimate Q ship of the era, look no further than this extremely loved example of a 1962 Jaguar MK2 3.8. She awaits your arrival, sir.

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1962 Jaguar Mark II
1962 Jaguar Mark II


4 Speed Manual

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