This vehicle is on consignment, as such the customer has provided a story regarding the provenance of this particular P1800 nicknamed "Goldie".

- In the late 1980's I began looking for a late model Volvo P1800 to purchase and restore. I had restored a few other cars previously and enjoyed the process. I don't do body work but I am pretty good at straight forward mechanical work. The P1800 was particularly interesting to me as a friend of the family had one when I was in high school and I thought it was probably the best looking car I had ever seen.

The lines seemed just right to me.

I was interested in the later models as they had the much more dependable Bosch fuel injection system, rather than multiple carburetors, and the bodies were superior quality to the earlier models. Eventually I found “Goldie” for sale in Kitsilano in either 1989 or 1990, I forget which. The drive train was in excellent original condition and the body had some minor rust issues as the car had come from Quebec. Everything else was complete and quite easily restorable. We had the car stripped down and sent to Harry at Cava Autobody for a complete down to bare metal body restoration (pictures are in the maintenance file). We told Harry to take his time and do a good job. Nine months later I picked the car up and moved it to my home in Kamloops and began the painstaking process of putting it all back together. Once it was back in one piece I took it to a shop in Kamloops where they did a complete mechanical service and finally, three years after purchasing Goldie she was back on the road. There were a couple pieces of trim that had been damaged when the car was stripped that did not get repaired or replaced but what I had now was a gorgeous, low mileage, all original 1972 1800E in very good condition. It was a driver, not a show car.

Since the body work that was done in 1990/1991 there have been a few very minor modifications. I replaced the bias ply tires with radials (but still on the original wheels) and installed sway bars. Both of these modifications improved the handling of the car immensely. I removed the factory original air conditioner at the same time as it cramped the passenger side seating and we never used it. It is in a box and comes with the car if somebody wants to re-install it for originality sake. In 2005, we had moved to Vancouver, actually very near where we first purchased Goldie, and while the car was parked beside a stair case our dog chased a skunk up the stairs and the skunk sprayed mostly hitting the hood and front fenders of the car and missing the dog. Amazingly, skunk spray really ruins car paint. It actually went through the clear coat and changed the color of the underlying paint so we had to have the front of the car re-sprayed. In about 2010 the interior leather had begun to show its age so we had it redone with fresh leather.

Other than that, Goldie is entirely original, including the Volvo 8-track/radio, and maintenance records go back to 1990. The paint came from Volvo in both repaints and is correct to the VIN as is the interior color scheme. The dash and headliner are original and in good shape (two small tears in the headliner). The speedometer cable broke a couple of years ago at 63,000 miles on the clock and we never got around to repairing it but I am certain we have not driven it more than maybe 2,000 miles since then. The car has been garage kept and never driven in winter since we purchased it nearly 30 years ago. It has never been in an accident except for the ladder that Norma dropped on it in the garage fifteen years ago and the resultant small dent in the rear that is still there. We still love the car but we are not using it and it should go to somebody who will love it and use it. That is what cars are for.



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1972 Volvo P1800
1972 Volvo P1800

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