Embarking on the journey to own an Aston Martin isn’t just about buying a car; it’s about embracing a lifestyle of luxury and performance. In Vancouver, the experience of acquiring this iconic brand is made even more special by the exceptional service and expertise offered by the local dealership. Whether you’re in the market for the latest model or a meticulously maintained pre-owned vehicle, Aston Martin Vancouver stands out as a beacon of excellence.

Exploring the world of high-end automobiles can be daunting, but at Aston Martin Vancouver, you’re not just a customer; you’re part of an exclusive community. The dealership prides itself on understanding your needs and surpassing your expectations, ensuring that every aspect of your Aston Martin experience is nothing short of spectacular.

Aston Martin Vancouver Dealership Overview

When you’re seeking an experience that blends luxury with exhilarating performance, Aston Martin Vancouver emerges as an unparalleled destination. Nestled in the heart of a city known for its vibrancy and beautiful landscapes, this dealership stands as a beacon for automotive enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Premier Selection of Vehicles

Aston Martin is synonymous with precision engineering and timeless design. At Aston Martin Vancouver, you’re presented with an impressive range of models, from the heart-pounding Vantage to the sophisticated DB11. Each car is crafted to offer an unmatched driving experience, combining power, agility, and unrivalled aesthetics.

Exceptional Customer Service

Understanding your unique desires and aspirations is the cornerstone of the dealership’s philosophy. The team at Aston Martin Vancouver goes above and beyond to ensure your journey—from first inquiry to the moment you drive off in your Aston Martin—is as seamless as it is memorable. Their expertise and dedication to excellence mean you’re not just purchasing a car; you’re being welcomed into an exclusive community.

Tailored Finance and Aftercare Services

Recognizing the significance of your investment, Aston Martin Vancouver offers bespoke finance solutions to cater to your personal or business needs. The dealership’s commitment to your satisfaction extends to comprehensive aftercare services, ensuring your Aston Martin remains in immaculate condition, preserving both its performance and its legacy.

Whether it’s the allure of joining an elite group of Aston Martin owners or the promise of exceptional service and care, Aston Martin Vancouver is dedicated to delivering a buying experience that exceeds expectations at every turn.

Exceptional Service and Expertise

At Aston Martin Vancouver, you’ll find that exceptional customer service and expertise are not just promises; they’re the foundation of everything they do. Their team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about luxury cars and committed to providing you with an unparalleled buying experience.

  • Personalised Consultations: Every customer’s journey at Aston Martin Vancouver begins with a personalised consultation. The team takes the time to understand your driving preferences, lifestyle, and aspirations. This tailored approach ensures they match you with the perfect Aston Martin model that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
  • Expert Maintenance: Owning an Aston Martin means having access to a team of skilled technicians trained directly by the manufacturer. They use only genuine Aston Martin parts and follow meticulous procedures to maintain your car’s performance and aesthetics at the highest level.
  • Finance Solutions: Understanding that purchasing an Aston Martin is a significant investment, Aston Martin Vancouver offers bespoke finance options designed to suit your financial world. This encompasses flexible payment schemes and competitive rates, ensuring your dream car aligns with your budget without compromise.
  • Exclusive Community Events: As part of their commitment to exceptional service, Aston Martin Vancouver hosts exclusive events for their clients. These gatherings range from sophisticated launch parties to private test-driving events, offering a unique opportunity to mingle with fellow aficionados and experience the Aston Martin lifestyle to its fullest.

Through these pillars of service, Aston Martin Vancouver doesn’t just sell cars; they create enduring relationships with their clients, setting themselves apart as not just a dealership, but an essential part of your luxury car experience.

Range of Models Available

When you stroll into Aston Martin Vancouver, you’re greeted by more than just exemplary customer service; you’re entering a area that showcases some of the most illustrious models that Aston Martin has to offer. Their range is meticulously curated to ensure that whatever your desire or requirement, there’s a model on the floor that fits the bill perfectly.

Aston Martin DB11: The cornerstone of modern grand touring. Available in both V8 and V12 configurations, the DB11 blends performance with comfort in ways few others can. Its sleek design and advanced aerodynamics aren’t just for show; they enhance the driving experience, making every trip unforgettable.

Vantage: A ferocious beast cloaked in elegance. The Aston Martin Vantage offers a dynamic driving experience unmatched in its class. With its 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, the Vantage delivers explosive performance, launching you from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds.

DBS Superleggera: The epitome of Aston Martin’s innovation, the DBS Superleggera stands as a super GT that refuses to compromise. Its commanding presence is matched by a 715hp engine that ensures it not only looks formidable but performs remarkably as well.

Aston Martin’s SUV – DBX: Redefining what an SUV can be, the DBX merges the practicality of an SUV with the performance and luxury synonymous with Aston Martin. It’s designed to deliver in all conditions, proving that an SUV can be both rugged and refined.

This lineup at Aston Martin Vancouver showcases their commitment to offering a diverse range of vehicles, ensuring that you find not just a car, but a companion for your road ahead. Each model comes with the promise of Aston Martin’s legendary design and performance, paired with cutting-edge technology to make every drive a masterclass in motoring excellence.

Being Part of an Exclusive Community

When you become an Aston Martin Vancouver customer, you’re joining an elite circle of car enthusiasts who value not just luxury and performance, but also heritage and innovation. This isn’t just about owning a high-performance vehicle; it’s about becoming part of a community that shares a passion for the pinnacle of automotive engineering.

  • Invitations to Exclusive Events: Aston Martin Vancouver hosts a variety of events throughout the year, exclusive to Aston Martin owners. These gatherings range from private viewings of new models to driving experiences that test the limits of these vehicles in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Personalised Customer Service: Your relationship with Aston Martin doesn’t end with your purchase. Aston Martin Vancouver prides itself on its after-sales service, ensuring that your vehicle remains in pristine condition. This includes regular maintenance checks, availability of original parts, and a dedicated service representative to attend to your needs.
  • Networking Opportunities: Being part of this community offers unparalleled networking opportunities with individuals who share your interests and passion. Whether it’s at an exclusive event or a casual meet-up, you’ll find yourself in the company of like-minded individuals, some of whom are leaders in their respective fields.

Joining the Aston Martin community in Vancouver transcends the conventional car ownership experience. You’re not just buying a car; you’re investing in a lifestyle that celebrates luxury, performance, and above all, a shared passion for the extraordinary.


When you choose Aston Martin Vancouver, you’re not just buying a car; you’re stepping into a world where luxury and performance meet heritage and innovation. It’s a unique opportunity to join an exclusive community that shares your passion for the extraordinary. With access to special events, personalised service, and a network of like-minded enthusiasts, your journey with Aston Martin goes far beyond the road. Embrace the lifestyle that comes with owning an Aston Martin in Vancouver and enjoy the unparalleled experience it brings.

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