When you’re in the market for a car that combines luxury with cutting-edge technology, the 2015 Tesla Model S P90D stands out as a game-changer. With its impressive acceleration and top-notch electric performance, it’s not just about getting from A to B; it’s about the journey and the statement you make along the way. The P90D variant, known for its ludicrous speed mode, has redefined what electric cars can do, offering an exhilarating driving experience without compromising on comfort or style. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or an eco-conscious driver, this model promises to meet your expectations and then some, making it a compelling choice for anyone looking to jump into the world of electric vehicles.

Performance Features of the 2015 Tesla Model S P90D

When you’re considering the 2015 Tesla Model S P90D, it’s impossible not to focus on its performance features that set it apart from the competition. This electric marvel is not just about zero emissions; it’s about delivering an unmatched driving experience.

Firstly, the P90D boasts an all-wheel drive (AWD) system powered by dual electric motors. This setup ensures you’re getting optimal performance regardless of the driving conditions. Whether it’s a wet road or a dry highway, the AWD system adapts seamlessly, providing you with a stable and secure drive.

One of the critical highlights of the Tesla Model S P90D is its Ludicrous Speed Mode. Engaging this mode rockets the car from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds. This breathtaking acceleration isn’t just for show; it allows for stunning overtakes and a driving experience that’s second to none.

The efficiency of the electric motors in the P90D is noteworthy. With a range of up to 270 miles on a single charge, this Tesla Model challenges the notion that electric cars can’t compete with traditional internal combustion vehicles in terms of distance. Also, the regenerative braking system not only conserves energy but also reduces wear on the brake pads, making for a more sustainable and cost-effective ride.

Finally, the handling of the P90D is precision-engineered to delight any driving enthusiast. The low centre of gravity, because of the battery placement, combined with responsive steering, makes for a nimble ride that excels in both city driving and high-speed highway journeys.

Through these features, the 2015 Tesla Model S P90D offers an electric driving experience like no other, blending speed, efficiency, and control into one cutting-edge package. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or an eco-conscious driver, this Tesla Model is equipped to exceed your expectations in every sector of performance.

Interior Design and Comfort

When you step inside the 2015 Tesla Model S P90D, you’re greeted with a cabin that marries luxury with technology seamlessly. The first thing that catches your eye is the 17-inch touchscreen display which controls most of the car’s functions, reducing button clutter and enhancing the sleek look of the dashboard.

Premium Materials

Tesla has not skimped on quality, ensuring every surface you touch feels premium. The seats are upholstered in high-quality leather, complemented by a choice of wood or carbon-fibre accents throughout the cabin, giving it a modern yet elegant feel.

Spacious Cabin

Even though its streamlined exterior, the Model S P90D offers a surprisingly spacious interior. It can comfortably accommodate five adults, with ample legroom in both the front and back. The front seats are designed for comfort and support, especially during long drives, while the rear seats provide sufficient space for passengers to stretch out.

Advanced Climate Control

The advanced climate control system is another standout feature, designed to provide optimal comfort regardless of the exterior conditions. Using the central touchscreen, you can easily adjust the temperature settings to suit your preferences, ensuring you and your passengers enjoy a comfortable ride year-round.

Noise Insulation

Tesla has also invested heavily in noise insulation, making the 2015 Model S P90D one of the quietest cars on the road. This allows for an incredibly serene driving experience where you can enjoy conversations or music without the interference of road or wind noise.

In crafting the interior of the Model S P90D, Tesla has clearly focused on creating an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to a refined driving experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovations

In the area of electric vehicles, the 2015 Tesla Model S P90D stands out due to its outstanding technological features and innovations. You’re getting more than just a zero-emissions vehicle; you’re entering a world where efficiency meets luxury.

Autopilot System is one of the most talked-about features. This advanced driver-assistance system takes the stress out of driving by enabling your Model S P90D to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically in its lane. This system is a glimpse into the future of autonomous driving, providing a safer, more comfortable driving experience.

Next, Ludicrous Mode enhances the vehicle’s performance beyond the conventional boundaries of electric cars. Activating Ludicrous Mode propels the Model S P90D from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds. This feature not only showcases the incredible power hidden within electric engines but also offers an exhilarating drive unlike any other.

The car’s 17-Inch Touchscreen Display acts as the command center, giving you control over nearly all aspects of the vehicle, from climate control settings to real-time energy consumption data. Its intuitive design ensures that you have all necessary information and control at your fingertips, without the clutter of traditional buttons and dials.

Finally, the Model S P90D comes equipped with Over-The-Air Software Updates. These updates ensure that your vehicle is always at the forefront of automotive technology, continuously enhancing features, performance, and security without the need to visit a service center. This convenience means your Model S P90D evolves and improves over time, offering an experience that traditional vehicles simply cannot match.

Through these innovative features, the 2015 Tesla Model S P90D has solidified its position not just as a leader in electric vehicle technology, but as a flagship model demonstrating what is possible when luxury meets cutting-edge technology.

Driving Experience: Ludicrous Speed Mode

When you’re behind the wheel of the 2015 Tesla Model S P90D, one feature that unequivocally captures the essence of its performance is the Ludicrous Speed Mode. Tesla redefined electric vehicle acceleration with this mode, ensuring that your driving experience is nothing short of exhilarating.

Activating Ludicrous Mode is like stepping into a different dimension of speed. The P90D sprints from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. This staggering acceleration is not just about the numbers; it fundamentally transforms how you interact with the vehicle and the road. The instant torque and seamless power delivery make highway merging and overtaking not just easy but thrilling.

The technology underpinning this performance is Tesla’s advanced battery and motor configuration. Combined with the vehicle’s all-wheel drive, Ludicrous Mode ensures optimum performance under various conditions. It’s not merely about speed; it’s about the sophistication of engineering that delivers it.

Driving in Ludicrous Mode also highlights Tesla’s dedication to safety. Even though the breathtaking acceleration, the vehicle maintains a grounded feel, with responsive steering and braking systems that inspire confidence. Whether you’re exploring tight corners or cruising on the freeway, the P90D maintains an impeccable balance between power and control.

While enjoying the adrenaline rush, it’s worth noting the efficiency of the Model S P90D. Even in Ludicrous Mode, the vehicle’s range remains impressive, illustrating that high performance and eco-friendliness can coexist harmoniously in an electric vehicle. Through this mode, Tesla not only pushes the boundaries of electric vehicle performance but also ensures that you’re part of a driving experience that’s both sustainable and thrilling.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Benefits

When you drive a 2015 Tesla Model S P90D, you’re not just enjoying the thrill of Ludicrous Speed Mode; you’re also making a significant positive impact on the environment. Tesla’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness is evident in the design and performance of the P90D, making it a top choice for environmentally conscious drivers.

Firstly, the P90D’s zero-emissions electric powertrain means you’re reducing your carbon footprint with every mile you drive. Unlike traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, the P90D does not emit harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which are major contributors to air pollution and climate change.

Secondly, the efficiency of the P90D is unparalleled. Even in Ludicrous Mode, this vehicle maintains an impressive range, thanks to Tesla’s cutting-edge battery technology. This efficiency not only saves you money on fuel but also reduces the demand for fossil fuels, further decreasing your environmental impact.

Also, Tesla’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the vehicles themselves. The company invests heavily in renewable energy sources, ensuring that the electricity used to charge your P90D is as clean and sustainable as possible. By driving a P90D, you’re supporting a future where transportation is powered by renewable energy, contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Finally, the durability of Tesla’s electric motors and batteries means a longer lifespan for the vehicle. This reduces the need for frequent replacements and lowers the environmental impact associated with car manufacturing and disposal.

By choosing the Tesla Model S P90D, you’re not just making a statement about your driving preferences; you’re actively participating in a movement towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.


Opting for the 2015 Tesla Model S P90D isn’t just about embracing cutting-edge technology or enjoying the thrill of Ludicrous Speed Mode. It’s about making a conscious choice for the environment. You’re not only getting a high-performance vehicle but also contributing to a sustainable future. The P90D stands as a beacon of how luxury and eco-friendliness can coexist, offering a compelling package for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on excitement or style. Embrace the future with the Tesla Model S P90D and drive towards a cleaner, greener planet.

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