If you’re in the market for a car that combines luxury with ferocious power, the C63 507 Edition is a masterpiece that demands your attention. This special edition Mercedes-Benz doesn’t just turn heads with its sleek design; it promises an exhilarating driving experience that’s hard to match. With its enhanced performance features and exclusive styling cues, the 507 Edition takes the C63’s already impressive capabilities to new heights. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply appreciate the finer things in life, this vehicle’s blend of elegance and aggression is sure to captivate.

Performance Features

The C63 507 Edition isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a powerhouse that significantly boosts the overall driving experience. In this section, we investigate into the performance enhancements that set this Mercedes-Benz apart.

Horsepower & Torque

Boasting an impressive 507 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque, the C63 507 Edition is designed to exhilarate. This enhanced power output is achieved through the meticulous tuning of the 6.3L V8 engine, ensuring that you’re not just driving; you’re commanding the road.


One of the most exhilarating features is its acceleration capability. The C63 507 Edition can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. It’s not just quick; it’s lightning-fast, ensuring that every start is as thrilling as it is swift.

  • Upgraded Braking System: Equipped with compound brake discs and red brake calipers, the C63 507 Edition offers superior stopping power.
  • AMG Sport Suspension: With stiffer springs and dampers, the sport suspension system provides enhanced stability and handling, ensuring that the increased power is matched by an equally impressive level of control.

These performance attributes make the C63 507 Edition not just a car, but a testament to engineering excellence, designed for those who demand the best both in luxury and performance.

Exclusive Design Elements

When you first lay eyes on the C63 507 Edition, you’ll immediately notice its distinctive design features that set it apart from the standard C63 AMG models. Mercedes-Benz has meticulously crafted this vehicle to cater not only to performance enthusiasts but also to those who appreciate a vehicle that stands out in terms of aesthetics.

Exterior Upgrades

The C63 507 Edition boasts several design enhancements that amplify its athletic stance and aggressive aesthetics:

  • Forged 19-Inch Alloy Wheels: Unique to this edition, these wheels not only reduce unsprung mass for improved handling but also feature a distinctive design that complements the vehicle’s performance capabilities.
  • Bonnet Vents: Drawing inspiration from the SLS AMG, the aluminium bonnet features two distinctive high-flow vents. These aren’t just for show; they improve engine cooling during high-performance driving.
  • Gloss Black Accents: From the mirror caps to the grille, gloss black accents are strategically placed across the exterior, lending the 507 Edition a more menacing and premium look.

Interior Enhancements

Inside, the C63 507 Edition pampers you with an array of exclusive features that enhance both comfort and the sense of exclusivity:

  • Designo Leather: The cabin is adorned with high-quality Designo leather upholstery, providing a luxurious feel and ensuring durability.
  • Alcantara Trim: Elements such as the steering wheel and gear selector are wrapped in Alcantara, offering superior grip and a race-inspired touch to the interior.
  • 507 Badging: Subtle yet distinctive 507 Edition badges are sprinkled throughout the interior, serving as constant reminders of the vehicle’s exclusivity and performance pedigree.

The combination of these exclusive design elements ensures that the C63 507 Edition is not just a powerhouse on the road but also a head-turner at every corner. Whether it’s the striking exterior upgrades or the bespoke interior touches, each aspect of the 507 Edition accentuates its performance heritage while catering to the discerning tastes of its owners.

Driving Experience

When you slide behind the wheel of the C63 507 Edition, you’re not just preparing for a drive; you’re setting the stage for an exhilarating experience that blurs the lines between track performance and road comfort. The heart of this beast is a 6.3-litre V8 engine, meticulously tuned to unleash 507 horsepower, propelling you from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. The roar of the engine is a symphony to the ears of automotive enthusiasts, signaling power and precision at every turn.

Acceleration and Handling

  • Immediate Response: The throttle response is remarkably quick, offering immediate power delivery.
  • Sharp Handling: Equipped with an AMG-tuned sports suspension, the C63 507 Edition handles corners with surgical precision, making it feel lighter and more agile than its size would suggest.

Brake Performance

  • High-Performance Brakes: The composite high-performance braking system ensures you’ve got the stopping power needed to match the car’s ferocious acceleration. Whether it’s a sudden stop in urban traffic or decelerating from high speeds on the track, the brakes are always reliable.

Ride Comfort

Even though its racing DNA, Mercedes-Benz hasn’t compromised comfort for performance. The ride is surprisingly smooth, with the adaptive suspension soaking up bumps and imperfections on the road. This feature allows you to enjoy a serene driving experience without the harshness typically associated with performance cars. Noise insulation further complements the comfort, keeping the cabin quiet and letting you savour the V8’s rumble without being overwhelmed by road or wind noise.

Driving the C63 507 Edition is an unforgettable experience, marrying the soul of a race car with the practicality of a luxury sedan. The engineering marvel behind this car not only pushes the boundaries of performance but also redefines what you expect from a driving experience.

Comparison with Standard C63

When you’re eyeing the C63 507 Edition, understanding its enhancements over the standard C63 AMG is crucial. At the heart of the distinction lies the power output. The 507 Edition ramps up to 507 horsepower, compared to the standard’s 451 horsepower. This isn’t just a slight bump; it’s a significant boost that translates into faster accelerations and a more thrilling drive.

In terms of acceleration, the 507 Edition blazes from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds, overshadowing the standard C63’s already impressive 4.4 seconds. Here are the key differences in a clear, concise table:

Feature C63 507 Edition Standard C63
Horsepower 507 451
0-60 mph Time 4.1 seconds 4.4 seconds

Beyond raw power, the 507 Edition introduces exclusive design elements and performance upgrades. For instance, it boasts AMG’s high-performance braking system with compound discs and red brake calipers, distinguishing it visually and functionally from its counterpart. Also, the AMG sports suspension in the 507 edition is fine-tuned for even sharper handling, offering a more engaging and responsive driving experience.

Driving enthusiasts will also appreciate the aesthetic differences. The 507 Edition comes with unique exterior and interior elements not found in the standard version. These include distinct 19-inch alloy wheels, a vented bonnet inspired by the SLS AMG, and exclusive leather upholstery options that elevate the sense of luxury and exclusivity.

By choosing the 507 Edition, you’re not just getting a more powerful engine. You’re immersing yourself in a more refined, exclusive driving experience that stands out not only for its performance but also for its unique design and comfort enhancements.


Exploring the C63 507 Edition reveals a masterclass in performance and exclusivity. With its significant power boost and faster acceleration, it’s clear this isn’t just any car—it’s a statement on wheels. The unique design elements and luxurious interior options elevate the driving experience to new heights. If you’re in the market for a vehicle that combines power with sophistication, the 507 Edition stands out as a compelling choice. It’s more than just a car; it’s an experience tailor-made for those who demand the best. Whether you’re cruising city streets or powering through open roads, the C63 507 Edition promises an unforgettable journey.

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